Glycerin Drug: Dosage, Indication & Warning


Have you ever experienced constipation or better known as difficulty defecating? Constipation or difficulty defecating is indeed a very disturbing health problem if left to drag on. If it is true you have experienced this, maybe you will not be familiar with some types of laxatives to overcome them. One of the drugs used to treat constipation is Glycerin. So, what drug glycerin? Glycerin is a laxative that can be used to treat constipation.

Many people think that glycerin can only be used to make certain products, such as beauty products. However, it turns out the glycerin drug is a powerful drug to overcome symptoms of difficulty defecating or constipation.

Glycerin drug is a laxative that you can use during constipation. If you have trouble defecating, you can use the drug to cause stimulation of defecation within 30-60 minutes after use.

After knowing what drug glycerin, of course you must know the function of Glycerin, the benefits of Glycerin, and the composition of Glycerin. Who would have thought, Glycerin has very many benefits for health.

Function of Glycerin & Glycerin Benefits

The function of glycerin is to cause stimulation of defecation. While the benefits of glycerin are to overcome the difficulty of defecation or constipation, overcome dry or scaly skin, lubricate and moisturize the surface of the skin, and increase eye pressure. Glycerin Composition is Glycerol.

After knowing the benefits of Glycerin, the function of Glycerin, and the composition of Glycerin in what drug, you also need to know more in-depth information about Glycerin doses, indications and warnings of the use of Glycerin.

The information below can help you to get to know more about the types of laxatives on this page.

Name : Glycerin
Class : Lakative, Osmotic
Other drugs : Glycerin, Lacutolse, MiraLax, Sorbitol, Client glycol
Form and preparation : 1.2 gram and 2.1 grams suppositories and solution liquid

Glycerin Dosage and Indications for Adults

For constipation
Dosage 2-3 grams of suppository, hold 15 minutes in the rectum, given if necessary OR
5-15 ml of rectum solution as an enema.

Instructions for liquids: insert the stem with the tip pointing to the navel, squeeze it until it’s empty, then take the stem.

Glycerin Dosage and Indications for Children

For constipation
Neonatal infants (age <28 days): 0.5 ml / kg every 12-24 hours if necessary as an enema.

Children <6 years: 1-1.7 grams, hold 15 minutes if necessary when constipation OR 2-5 ml rectal solution as an enema.

Children> 6 years: 2-3 grams of suppository, hold 15 minutes if necessary, OR 5-15 ml of rectal solution as an enema.

Warning for the use of glycerin drugs

Intestinal or gastrointestinal obstruction.

Use of Glycerin Drugs in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Conditions

Safety for pregnancy: Category C. Must be used with care and in accordance with the doctor’s advice. Before using the drug, it is expected to consult further with your doctor. In order for your baby to be safe and will not endanger the baby.

Types of drug categories for pregnancy:

  • Category A : Generally acceptable, has been through research in pregnant women, and shows that there is no evidence of fetal damage.
  • Category B : May be accepted by pregnant women, has gone through various types of research in experimental animals but there is no direct research evidence in humans
  • Category C : Use carefully. Research on experimental animals shows high risk and there is no direct research in humans
  • Category D : Used if there are no other drugs that can be used, and in life-threatening conditions
  • Category X : Don’t use it in pregnancy
  • NA Category : There is no information whatsoever

In nursing mothers, drugs are safe to use.

The information above may be enough to explain the function of glycerin, the benefits of glycerin, the composition of glycerin, and the dose of glycerin to detect symptoms of difficulty defecating or constipation. Of course, using the right glycerin dose will affect the effectiveness of the drug for you.

In addition to relying on the function of glycerin as a laxative, of course you also have to anticipate the occurrence of constipation by doing a healthy lifestyle. If you want to avoid constipation, it is advisable to increase your daily nutrition with sufficient fiber intake, little by little. Adequate fiber intake will prevent difficulty in defecating.

In addition to increasing healthy intake, providing a sufficient supply of fluids for the body by drinking lots of water is also highly recommended to prevent the occurrence of difficulty defecating or constipation. So, always apply a healthy lifestyle so that you avoid digestive problems that interfere with, such as the problem of unwanted defecation.

However, if the problem of defecation is already happening, you can rely on glycerin drugs to overcome the disorder. Use glycerin according to the recommended dosage so that the drug does not reduce its effectiveness in overcoming constipation or bowel disorders.